Saturday Morning Live

Notes for Speakers


Thank you for your interest in speaking at one of our meetings
We hope you will find the following notes helpful.
Saturday Morning Live (Cafe Church) currently attracts a group of up to thirty local people, from a variety of churches in the Effingham area.
We ask that speakers speak for about 20 minutes and then take questions.
Before the questions the speaker might like to give the audience a couple of questions to reflect on themselves.
The group's approach could probably be broadly described as liberal and inclusive, but we want to appeal to as wide range of people as possible, so we ask speakers to focus on what we all have in common as Christians (and people of other faiths) and to avoid disparaging the views or life-choices of others.
We have found that when people can speak directly from their personal experience, it seems to strikes a particularly strong chord.
A list of our past speakers for the last three years and other details can be seen on this website
We have the facility to project simple presentations from a lap-top computer (please save in a PowerPoint 2000 format to ensure compatibility we can provide laptop or you can use your own if more convenient).
Unfortunately we cannot pay a speaking fee but we will provide transport locally.


by SML team January 2016


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