Saturday Morning Live

From a Recent Article in the Village Magazine


Have you been along to “Saturday Morning Live”, our Café Church?  It is a great opportunity to rest for an hour after a busy week and enjoy a chat, great coffee and croissants and think about faith in a relaxed, unthreatening way.  

Café Church doesn’t push one way of believing.   It is an initiative supported by all the Christian churches in this area, Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists, Non-Conformists.   People who are searching to understand what belief is all about contribute as much as people who are more clear what they believe.  It’s a great way to chew over an issue for a while in a small group and focus thoughts.  I’ve really enjoyed meeting people from many different backgrounds and many different churches over the last few months.  You get a different perspective as you talk with people who think through aspects of life from different angles to yourself.

This is a gathering of friendly people who recognise a need to include a spiritual element in daily life.  It is supported by all the churches but is not ‘churchy’.   All are very welcome to join us.  You won’t find anything to make you uncomfortable, but you WILL find a welcoming, thoughtful group.   Come along for a coffee and croissant and feel free to join in.


by Iain McKillop – May 2012


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