Saturday Morning Live


Saturday Morning Live started in October 2011 as a different kind of event for those who had a bit of interest in faith but wanted something not too churchy!

Although based on Christian beliefs, it aims to be respectful of other beliefs too. It’s up-to-date, showing that faith issues naturally spring up everywhere without being unscientific, controversial or difficult to take on.

It’s freely given – encouraging participants to take what they wish, at their own speed and it’s inclusive – welcoming people of all ages, in families, in groups of friends or as individuals, and requiring no prior knowledge or special behaviour.

We give the event a café/cabaret style; it lasts about 50 minutes, and people are served coffee and hot croissants round café tables.  We kick off with some talk, some visuals (often using Lego or other child-friendly images) and some gentle live music, after which those present discuss the ideas themselves and feed back their thoughts. Then there is a final session of quiet meditation by candlelight.

The atmosphere is more like a relaxed street café than a traditional church, with plenty of chat, people wandering around serving coffee and croissants and children moving between tables.  During the meditative session we encourage some moments of relative peace and reflection and use some simple singing, but no-one minds if the children chatter on.

We hope you’ll come and give it a try!


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