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Dates  - Jan - Dec 2014

Saturday          4th January         New Beginnings
Reflections about the New Year with songs, sketches and discussion.

Saturday          1st February       Changing Attitudes    
Speaker –Revd. Colin Coward
Changing Attitudes was founded in 1995 as a network for members of the Church of England whose concern is to work for a more accepting attitude to people of different sexual orientations. Colin - their director, a priest and psychotherapist - has accepted an invitation to travel down and speak to us about how he sees attitudes currently changing in the Christian faith.

Saturday         1st March           What Use is the Bible?
Speaker –Heather Clements
Set up it 1805 to make Scripture available where there is none, to help the church engage with the Bible more effectively and to endeavour - through the arts, education, media and politics - to make the Bible accessible and credible in our culture, the Bible Society works worldwide.  Heather, who has recently been working in Cambodia with the Society, will update us on its work.

Saturday          5th April            What do you Expect of a Christian?
Thoughts about faith with songs, drama and discussion.

Saturday         3rd May             Christians Against Povery (CAP)
Speaker –Edwyn Pelly
CAP is a national charity, working across the UK to lift people out of debt and poverty. They offer free debt counselling through a network of 260 debt centres based in local churches. Edwyn works in Leatherhead and will explain how the scheme brings hope and reasurrance to those burdened by debt.

Saturday          7th June             Is Britain a Christian Country... ?
Thoughts about this topical subject with songs, drama and discussion.

Saturday         5th July              Mercy Ships
Speaker –Sarah Darby
Mercy Ships is a national charity which equips and crews a sophisticated hospital ship programme in parts of the world where reparative surgery is not usually available. Sarah has worked on a ship in West Africa and will talk of her experiences and the work of the charity.

Saturday          6th Sept            Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)
Speaker –David Greenwood
MAF is a Christian charity that uses light aircraft so that 1500 relief and mission groups can bring humanitarian aid, community development, hope and healing. David will tells us of their work.

Saturday          4th October      The Church in the Community    
Speaker - Very Revd. Dianna Gwilliams - Dean of Guildford
Dianna’s particular interest is in work with young people and in the community she has served as a school governor and has been involved with local regeneration, community provision of education and health care. She has served as Diocesan Dean of Women’s Ministry and chaired Inclusive Church, an organisation committed to working for a Church that is welcoming and open to all.

Saturday          1st November      Christians at War
Thoughts about this subject with some history and discussion.

Saturday         6th December     What Is the Point of Christmas?    
Speaker - Very Revd. John Hellyer - Methodist SE Chair
John is a relaxed and engaging speaker with a particular interest in helping Christians deepen their historical knowledge and in encouraging team-working, especially between denominations

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