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Dates  - Jan - Dec 2015

Saturday          7th February       Christians In War 2    
Speaker –Revd. Mark Ewbank
As well as being a local rector, Mark is a Chaplain to the TA and has served with them in Afghanistan and was also on the Guildford Diocesan Committee advising on the recent WW1 commemorations. He will be helping us reflect on the issues raised when Christian are involved in war. As always, there will also be live music and refreshments. .

Saturday          7th March       Amnesty International    
Speaker – Jackie Fry
Jackie is a member of the Horsham group of Amnesty and is a school and college speaker for them. She will give us an insight into this remarkable group which sprang from the Quaker tradition over 50 years ago. The band will let rip with Springsteen's Amnesty tribute version of the Dylan classic "Chimes of Freedom", there will be refreshments and a good time will be had by all!

Saturday          2nd May       Airport Ministry    
Speaker – Ian and Jean Wells
Ian is Catholic Chaplain at Gatwick airport and Jean is on the team. Ian was ordained as a deacon in 2008 and previously was an executive in the oil industry in a career spanning over 40 years. Jean is a retired RE teacher and also a trained spiritual director. They will tell us what airport chaplaincy is all about. In-flight entertainment and cabin snacks will be provided by the regular SML crew.

Saturday          6th June       Guilford Street Angels    
Speaker - Fiona Ford
Street Angels are volunteers who believe that people deserve care and love in their time of need. Guilford Street Angels operate under the management of the Town Centre Chaplaincy with volunteers representing people of different faiths and none. Fiona is their coordinator and will tell us about it. Pavement cafe music and street-cred croissants.

Saturday          4th July       Prison Trust    
Speaker – tba
Working with prisoners. Live music and refreshments.

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